Loss Assessors Ireland

Loss assessors in Ireland can give you a helping hand when you most need it.

Loss Assessors in Ireland Are There To Help

Why would you seek out the services of loss assessors to assist with a property claim? If your property has been damaged by an insured event such as a fire or flood it can be really traumatic. Not only do you have to deal with a home that could be completely inhabitable, you also have to worry about how much your settlement figure may be and how long it will take to receive it. Luckily there are services out there that can help you get your life back on track.

Did you know that there are loss assessors in Ireland that can take on the responsibility of managing your insurance claim on your behalf? Most people do not know that a service like this is available to them and it can be really helpful.

Do You Just Rely on The Help of Your Insurance Company When You Need it?

Loss assessors can help with your insurance claim after your property has suffered damage from a fire , flood or major water leak.When your insurer is informed that you may have a property related insurance claim they will generally send one of their loss adjusters round to your property to asses then damage. They will then calculate what they think it will cost to repair your property.

This you would think is a perfectly normal process, after all you’ve paid for your insurance policy and now is the time for that policy to do what it is supposed to do, cover the cost of the loss. The only problem with this is that although the insurers loss adjusters may think that they know how much it will cost to put right, you probably have not got a clue if this is correct.

Also, your insurance company is a business who exist primarily to make money and the loss adjuster would usually be employed by your insurer. Now I’m not suggesting that your insurer would intentionally cut costs to save money but who would you know anyway?

Luckily you have the right to appoint someone who can represent you to work on your behalf and ensure that you receive your full entitlement. There are many loss assessors around Ireland who are willing to help. Loss assessors or (public loss adjusters) work on behalf of the public and exist to protect your interests, just like the loss adjuster who is protecting your insurers interests.

Their aim is to ensure that you receive your full entitlement by negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf. They will also constantly keep pestering and pressurising your insurer in order for the possibility of the claim to be settled in a shorter time frame.

How Much Would It Cost To Receive Insurance Claims Management Help?

So how much does it cost to hire a loss assessor in Ireland? Fees for these types of services vary but generally a fee of about 10% of the final settlement figure is more than acceptable. In most cases the fee more than pays for itself due to the difference between what your insurer was willing to settle and what the loss assessor manages to negotiate.

Most loss assessors will not charge you anything upfront and will take their fees from the final settlement figure. It is also interesting to learn that many loss assessors will not charge a fee to their clients at all. Many loss assessors will give you the option to appoint one of their preferred building contractors who will absorb any fee that you may have paid them as an alternative.

If you ever have the traumatic experience of fire, flood or water damage to your property it may be worth looking into employing a loss assessor to help you out. After all, it is your right to do so.